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  Comtrend AR-5319U Router Topics

Configuring Pinholes/Port Forwarding
Enabling WIFI (wireless)

Configuring Pinholes/Port Forwarding
1) From a web browser, go to "". Login with the username "admin" and the password "admin".
If you get an incorrect login error, please try username "admin" and the password "seiadmin".

2) Click the "Basic Setup" link on the top menu bar.

3) Click on the "NAT" link on the left.

4) Click on the "Add" button.

5) Check if the setup you need is in the pre-configured list under "Select a Service".

6) If not, create your own. As an example, here we are adding ports needed for Xbox LIVE (per Once you have added your desired port forwards, click "Apply/Save" at the bottom of the page.

7) If you specify a port that the router uses for the management of the router, you will see a pop-up warning indicating that the routers management port has been changed to port 8080.

8) You are now done.

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Configuring WIFI/Wireless

You have your choice of one of two ways to enable the wireless access point in your SEI provided Comtrend AR-5319u:
  A) Easy way by pressing a button and using preset defaults.
  B) Personalized approach (you can set your own SSID & security).

Easy setup:
1) On the front of your modem, there is a small round button labeled WIFI/WPS. Press and hold this button for approximately 20 seconds until the "WIFI" LED turns on.

2) On your WIFI capable devices, you will then connect to the SSID "ComtrendXXXX" where XXXX are the last 4 characters (in capital letters) of your modems MAC address. There is a sticker on the bottom of your modem with this MAC address.

3) Security is enabled by default using WPA2. The WPA2 encryption key/passphrase is located on the bottom of the router under WIFI Key. Please note that the WIFI Key is case sensitive.

Personalized setup:

1) From a web browser, go to "". Login with the username "admin" and the password "admin".
2) Click the Basic Setup link on the top menu bar.

3) Check mark "Enable Wireless", and change the "SSID" if you wish, then click "Apply/Save". (By default, wireless is disabled but the SSID is ComtrendXXXX, where XXXX are replaced with the last 4 characters of your routers MAC address).

4) Click the "Security" link on the left. You can change your encryption passphrase/key here, or you can view the current one as well. If you change it, be sure to click the "Apply/Save" button. The default passphrase/key is on the sticker located on the bottom of the router labeled WIFI Key. Please note that this key is case sensitive.

5) Click on the "Apply/Save" button. Wireless access is now enabled.

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